Lördagkväll - Tåls att läsas ;)

Saturday is my favoriteday, especially right now hehe ;) But its been my favoriteday this whole year since its the only day that I can relax and not have to think about the next morning.
This Saturday was no exception. Sarina and Anni came to my house around 9.30pm, we said goodbye to Aaron and left to enjoy our evening. And boy, did we so :D Haha! It was sooooo fun!!! At first when we came there was no people there, except for Billy and two other guys but people started dropping in soon after that. We played "fuck the dealer" which is a cardgame and Anni got so drunk :D Hahahaha sorry! So that was a lot if fun ;) Then Billy asked me if I wanted to play beer pong with him and OFC I said yes. Im a champ in beer pong now, no kiddin' ;) Not that I know about the rules, but still haha.
They sat up two beer pong tables so others played at the other one. Anni, Sarina and me went to the other table bc we wanted to play there. One of the guys that were play at that moment had long hair, longer than any of us. So we started talking about it when we stood behind him.

Anni - look how long his hair is.. *dreaming*
Me - MAN, its longer than mine?! Thats no fair..
Anni - I wonder for how long he has been saving... *dreaming*

Hehe, okey, maybe she didnt say it exactly like that. But anyway! Then the guy turns around and he's like joking and apologizing for his long hair andd we just stared and started laughing bc we didnt realize how loud we were speaking -.- So we told him we were just jealous, which we were! That was a lot of fun. And we finally got to play! Anni, Sarina and I played against Chris(long hair-guy) and Mason and we lost BIG TIMES. I donno what happened but I totally lost my mojo.. Hehe. After that game Katharina showed up and played with me against the boys, bc they won. AND WE WON!!! WOHOO! Got my mojo back ;) Mostly bc I got mad that I missed so I shot with all my strength downwards and I made it xD youre suppose to shoot it like a rainbow, or whatever.. But I missed all the time so I just shot it right down and I made it like that so many times  xD it was a lot of fun and now everybodys scared of me hehe ;) really theyre just fascinated but they wont tell me that. I know though ;) So after Opitz and I won we played against Billy and somebody else, Jay maybe, prolly, and we lost.. They are the champs....

Yeah well, after that nothing special happened. But after THAT we started talking to these guys and it was so hiliarious! They told us the "rules" about if youre gay or not. Like if you are a guy and fuck a guy, youre ggay. But if you are the guy being fucked, you are NOT gay. But somehow youre gay anyway bc if you once been fucked youre fucked. Kinda, hahaha I dont get it at all xD

And then theres the story about "good game" *slap on the butt*, the thing guys do to tell another guy that he did a good job, or game in this case. It ended up with everybody slapping everybody on the butt saying "good game" hahaha! Awesome.

Then the mom of the gurl throwing the party came home. I swear it was like Stilfers mom showed up. She walked in without boots on but then she was putting on thighhigh boots and then they were off again. She took a cup and started drinking with rest of us and when she sat down in the livingroom all the guys sat in a circle around her. I was dying inside bc I wanted to laugh so bad, can you believe the irony?! Omg hahaha! And yes, all the gurls were jealous, including me. Felt like a baby -.-

Aaaaanyway, I think we left around 4 or something bc I was in bed 5am. It took some time to get outta there bc there was an afterparty that we just HAD to go to, well we didnt feel like it at 3.30am in the morning. So after a lot of hugs, kisses and slaps on the butt haha we finally left the building!
My pillow was so happy to see me :)

It was a veeeeeery fun night and we met a lot of keepers ;) Haha


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