Move your body body!

Soooo tonite theyre trying to convince me to go to Bar Charlotte. Charlottes Gamleport/Kinki Palace. And I dont knooow. I wanna dance. But theres some really weird and half naked ppl there.. Haha! This is the place where they bring ppl up on stage and spank them.... Ive seen it once, feels like thats enough haha.

All my life Ive been good but NOW Iiiaiaiaiaiaiaiiim thinking WHATTA HELL!!
höhö. Heard Avril Lavigne sing this song live on the radio yesterday btw.

And talking about radio, I heard Swedish Septembers(Petra) song Cry for you on the radio yesterday too! Go Schweden.

I had fun that one time I was there, only bc of my friends and the dancing. I hadnt danced for months when I was there. I danced two weeks ago for days. Ill prolly go tonite tho. What else is there to do? Haaha. Im not allowed to drive up to Hville anymore so cant go there unless someone else wanna go.

Sucks to be 20 here somedays folks! Most of the time I dont care, but not to have the option to go out and dance is just annoying sometimes..

Im making you guys read in English :D arent I kind?! Oh well, I dont have a lot more to say. Except that its like 20 celsius in the shadows here today hehehehe. Envy uuuuuuus. 22 tmrw btw haha ;)

WHEN WE WERE FREEEE hahaha, Im not bitter...



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